One of a Kind, Pretty and Delicious

The Culinary Canine

by Kathryn Levy Feldman (writer), Sabina Louise Pierce (photographer)


I received this book, and it was unlike anything I had ever seen! It is “The Culinary Canine,” and what it is is a combination of beautiful and useful, and an all-around fun idea. I know, you’re thinking “what the heck is she talking about?”

This is a combination cookbook and coffee-table book, all recipes FOR dogs, all done by famous, award-winning chefs who happen to be dog lovers. These are chefs whose names you have heard, ones who you have likely seen on TV if you are a fan of any Chef shows, and the fun part is we get to learn more about the people, as well as get a recipe from each. The dogs range from large to small, purebred to rescue, omnivores to dogs with sensitive tummies, and have notes about how much to feed your dog, based on size, etc.

As the book was the concept of photographer Sabina Pierce – well, inspired by her dog Maddie – the books is also full on stunning photographs, showing these big name food folks in an entirely different light. I mean Georges Perrier – yes, the world-renowned French chef – was one of the first to be on board with the project. His Isabelle, a Bichon Frise who understands both French and English, gets her food prepared at the restaurant, and frozen in individual portions, and has never eaten commercial dog food. And why would she, right?

Anita Lo, who was quite the formidable opponent on Top Chef Masters, seems so much softer pictured with her two Maltese in the basket of her bicycle – and you can tell they are accustomed to such treatment, too!

The recipes are all well-presented, none of it seems to daunting or complex, and lots of it looks like something you might want to sample for yourself! I, sadly, have many food allergies, but so do the dogs of some of these chefs, and so I’m betting you could find a recipe that would work for your pooch, no matter its requirements!

Writer Kit Feldman makes the stories that accompany each recipe and photo spread engaging and fun, and the book makes the point early on that cooking for your dog is probably the least intimidating way to begin, as the dog will likely enjoy it, whether or not it comes out exactly right! Most of the recipes look like they would be tasty for humans, too!

I got to interview Kit and Sabina on the radio, and they were as fun as the book is! And, in case you were wondering, the dogs were harder to photograph than the people, but you’d never know it from the images in the book. I reccomend this for anyone with a dog, but especially for those with dogs who like being a little spoiled … (isn’t that all of them)? It’s not only interesting, but gorgeous to flip through, too. Leave it on your end table, and visitors will be jealous of your dog!

New Children’s book Classic

Sammy in the Sky by Barbara Walsh, illustrations by Jamie Wyeth


This is a wonderful children’s picture book that I would recommend for ny family with pets, regardless of the age of the kids. Even grownups will like this story, as it goes though the life of a family dog, and with simple, sweet illustrations that are not too cute or too childish, deal with the loss of a dog to old age.

The illustrations are by Jamie Wyeth – and yes, he’s one of THOSE Wyeths, grandson and son of NC and Andrew Wyeth. And as it turns out, he’s a dog lover, too, so when the author contacted him, he happily agreed to do the book.

The story is simple, sweet and deals with the death of a beloved hound, and how “his” girls and family deal with it. It is not at all depressing, or somber, and does not take any religious slant in particular. It’s just a gentle story that ends on a positive note, one that I think any child will like.

As so many families are spread apart geographically these days, children often don’t grow up near grandparents and older generations, so the death of a pet is their first experience with death. This book is the only one like it I have encountered, and is not at all pedantic, just straightforward and loving. Read it to child you love, even if it’s your own inner child!

And by the way, I got to interview the author on the radio, and you’ll be happy to know another hound dog, a rescue named Jack, was sitting in the car with her, as we did the interview while she was pulled over in the car!

Fun Cat Book

Lessons in Stalking by Dena Harris


I receieved this as an eBook, and have to say it was awfully fun! The author, Dena Harris, then was a guest on Animal Rave. “Lessons in Stalking,” is a hilarious book for anyone who has ever either owned a cat, or known someone who does.

Ms. Harris write of life with her two cats, Lucy and Olivia. Lucy came first, and as neither she nor her husband had ever owned a cat, this is a collection of the stories and experiences of what she taught them! Like thinking something is wrong when the cat is suddenly drowning her toy mice in her water dish … Homicidal tendancies? Punishing the mice? And as first-time cat people, of course they try to figure out what it all means … not knowing that cats, after all, pride themselves in being inscrutable!

Other chapters involve trying to feed a cat Benadryl (warning-Grape can make cats foam at the mouth), figuring out what certain stalking etchniques mean, and in one really funny chapter, what to do with a toy that completely freaks the cat out, and how to engage in a battle of wills against a cat!

It is obvious, by the end of the book, and through the adoption tribuations of a new second cat, Olivia, that Harris and her husband are now completely in the thrall of these two felines, and frankly wouldn’t have it any other way!

A good, funny read for any cat people, or even folks who know cat people, although I would try to read it while at work, as you might laugh out loud and give yourself away!

Dena Harris was also good enough to be my very first guest on Animal Rave, and shared more funny details, and I look forward to more from her!