Eyeglasses – a rant!

I caught a bit of the 60 Minutes piece on Luxotica last night, and it annoyed me to no end. You know I am a reader – have been since Kindergarten or before, as I grew up in a house full of books, and with older siblings who taught me how to read very early.

Yes, I am an example of the stereotypical bookworm, in that I am a pale female with glasses. I am extremely nearsighted, been wearing glasses since I was nine, and put them on before I get out of bed in the morning.

Many years ago, I got glasses at a retail store, and every time (2 years on average) the price went up. I remember paying $400 and up, and the last time I bought glasses retail it was over $630, At the time, I had resigned myself to paying that much. And the LKuxotica salesperson on TV last night described $400 glasses as a “bargain!”

Several years ago now, someone on our forum, Pet Talk recommended
Zenni Optical’s website ( ZenniOptical.com ). I was absolutely thrilled! It seems far more reasonable to pay $8 for a normal cheap set of frames, and sure, I paid more than twice that because of the strength of my prescription, but it was about $24. That is NOT a typo!

Glasses do NOT need to cost a fortune. They need NOT be more expensive than your car payment! And buying them online gave me the ability to “try on” a set of frames virtually, something I always failed at in real life; when one has to press one’s nose against the glass to see clearly, it does not give you any idea of what the frames look like on you!

Luxotica apparently sees no problem with buying up competitors and continually raising prices. I do! Do not fall for it, fellow readers, gentle humans, and any parent of a kid who needs glasses to see!

I now use http://Goggles4U.com – my prescription is too strong for Zenni nowadays, but I have been perfectly happy with the glasses I received from both companies. And I get flexible frames so I am less likely to break them, too! For the record, I am extreely near-sighted, have a different astigmatism in each eye, and now need bifocals – so pretty much as complicated as a precription gets!

Luxxotica controls over 80% of the world’s major eyewear brands. It owns Sunglass Hut, and many other brands and retailers. But you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars just to see! Any optician can tell you what your pupillary distance is – which you need to order online, but otherwise you just ened a copy of your prescription. And thankfully the pupillary distance – once you get it, it’s good for life, as your bone struccture isn’t gonna change. So do be a smart consumer, and do not fall for their artificially inflated prices! And, by the way, my ophthalmologist looked at my “cheap online” glasses, and found them perfectly fine.

Okay, rant over!

Back to books soon!

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