Cat Book from a different perspective!

The Cat Manual; Advice for Cats, by Cats

by Michael Ray Taylor


Now, even just typing the title and author is tricky in this one, as Mr. Taylor claims just to be the translator of the book, while it’s actual author(s) remain secret, and lost to the mists of time. But the editors of this, the 4,973rd edition, are likely Cleo, Simba and Tony, cats belonging to Prof. Taylor’s family.

This is a fun eBook, and its subtitle is “Guidance for the Adult Feline Consigned to Live With Humans” which pretty much sets the tone for the whole thing. It includes chapters on things like “Heaviness” that explain a cat can willfully alter how much it weighs as it sleeps, to render the human on which it is sleeping increasing immobile, tips and instructions on training one’s humans about feeding (including altering the human’s schedule, waking the human, etc. Much of this, I suspect anyone who has lived with cat has suspected all along, but we never knew they had an actual Manual for this, did we!

I guarantee a lot of chuckles, and some “A ha! So that’s why …” moments to any readers who have ever lived with a feline, or thought they “owned” one. Fun, funny, and it will give you new insight into the minds of these “mysterious” creatures!

And yes, they cultivate that reputation deliberately. You knew that, didn’t you?
And as it is an eBook, the cat cannot tear up the pages – an advantage considering chapter on Reading!

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