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Lessons in Stalking by Dena Harris


I receieved this as an eBook, and have to say it was awfully fun! The author, Dena Harris, then was a guest on Animal Rave. “Lessons in Stalking,” is a hilarious book for anyone who has ever either owned a cat, or known someone who does.

Ms. Harris write of life with her two cats, Lucy and Olivia. Lucy came first, and as neither she nor her husband had ever owned a cat, this is a collection of the stories and experiences of what she taught them! Like thinking something is wrong when the cat is suddenly drowning her toy mice in her water dish … Homicidal tendancies? Punishing the mice? And as first-time cat people, of course they try to figure out what it all means … not knowing that cats, after all, pride themselves in being inscrutable!

Other chapters involve trying to feed a cat Benadryl (warning-Grape can make cats foam at the mouth), figuring out what certain stalking etchniques mean, and in one really funny chapter, what to do with a toy that completely freaks the cat out, and how to engage in a battle of wills against a cat!

It is obvious, by the end of the book, and through the adoption tribuations of a new second cat, Olivia, that Harris and her husband are now completely in the thrall of these two felines, and frankly wouldn’t have it any other way!

A good, funny read for any cat people, or even folks who know cat people, although I would try to read it while at work, as you might laugh out loud and give yourself away!

Dena Harris was also good enough to be my very first guest on Animal Rave, and shared more funny details, and I look forward to more from her!

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